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Shoot The Aliens

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How To Play: Shoot The Aliens

Shoot The Aliens

Our planet Earth is attacked by aliens and only you can save the planet!
Enter your spaceship and attack these horrible aliens who want to conquer our planet!
Your task is to kill all the aliens that you see on the screen but in the same time you must avoid their bullets who will go to your way, if aliens hit you to many times you lose a life, you have three lives so be careful because if you lose all three lives you
begin to play all from the beginning.Every next level will be harder for you aliens will be stronger therefore prove how good you are in this shooting game and stop the aliens who want to conquer our planet!Good luck and we wish you lots of fun in this unblocked shooting game!

Use arrow keys to move and
spacebar to shoot.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games