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Bird Hunting: Shoot Or Shit

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How To Play: Bird Hunting: Shoot Or Shit

Bird Hunting: Shoot Or Shit

Help this shooter to hit as many birds!Your weapons are bow and arrow and your targets are birds flying towards you, your task is to lock on them with a bow and arrow
and when you are sure then you release your arrow, be careful that you do not miss the birds too many times, because if you miss six times that will be the end of the game for you.
Do not allow these birds to approach you and to poop on your head!
This game is very simple, it is not easy but the longer you play, it will be easier to hit the birds above you.Prove how much you are a good shooter and enjoy this unblocked shooting game!

Use arrow keys to aim and set shooting power.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games

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