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Kill Justin Beaver

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How To Play: Kill Justin Beaver

Kill Justin Beaver

Do you hate Justin Bieber?If you are then this is the right game for you!
The aim of this game is simple, Justin Bieber is on the podium and you’re in the audience, and your task is to shoot and throw at him different objects and weapons that fall in your hand, Justin Bieber is constantly moving and you have to hit him while he is moving in
every next level you will receive various items and weapons that you can use to hit him, such as a bottle, knife, ninja stars and many other items and weapons, if you do not like Justin Bieber then this game is a great way to wreak your anger towards him.Try to knock Justin as soon as possible and win bonus points, play with friends and compete with each other who can bring down Justin Bieber faster.Good luck!

Use mouse to play.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games