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Mr Vengeance Act 3: Zombie

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How To Play: Mr Vengeance Act 3: Zombie

Mr Vengeance Act 3: Zombie

Are you ready to kill already dead people?
If so then you’ve come to the right place because this is the right unblocked shooting game for you.Zombies are all around you and you have to find a way out of the building and to survive and in order to survive you have to kill all zombies that will tried to attack you, remember to always shoot zombies in the head, three bullets in the head will kill all the zombies, if you shoot them in the body you will need a lot more bullets and zombies will thus get the opportunity to approach you and can not let that because if these disgusting creatures bite you, you will turn into one of them and it will be game over for you so be careful.In some areas you will find a first aid kit that will help in some moments and a variety of other weapons and other items, collected all that you found and survive this horror, good luck!

Use mouse to shoot.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games
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