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Phantom Sniper

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How To Play: Phantom Sniper

Phantom Sniper

This unblocked shooting game is still in the process which means that this is just a demo of this exciting and fun game!You are a sniper man and your task is to complete every mission that will be given to you, which means that in every mission you will have a special task, a special target that you need to eliminate in order to move to the next level.You must eliminate the real target because if you kill the wrong man that will be the game over for you, so before the start of each
mission take a good read and who your your target is and what you are looking for.
This is one of the very popular and exciting sniper games that will delight you.
After each mission you will receive a certain number of points with which you can buy a much better snipers.Prove how much you are a good sniper and enjoy this exciting game!

Use mouse to play.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games