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Robot vs Zombies

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How To Play: Robot vs Zombies

Robot vs Zombies

Before you is 28 challenging levels, each next level will be more difficult than the last one so try your best and use your head.You are a robot and your mission is to clean all levels from zombies and in order to do that you need to use your rocket, but be careful because your task will not be easy, in some levels you will have to think carefully and to make tactics in
order to kill all the zombies and move to the next level, use tactics of rejection of bullets on the wall, estimate the height, evaluate everything that you see in order to kill all the zombies, win the most points and move to the next level.If you’re bored, then this game is a great choice for you to make a good time.Play with your friends and try together to beat this challenging game, and return the zombies back to where they came from.Good luck!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games