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Sas 4 Unblocked

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How To Play: Sas 4 Unblocked

Sas 4 Unblocked

Zombie Apocalypse is active and up to you to stop it!
At the beginning of the game, choose one of the three types of soldiers: Assault, Medic or Heavy. Each of these three soldiers have their own specialty but also have a flaw, try with that suits you best and take action! People are turned into zombies, everywhere is chaos and it’s up to you to stop it. Your task is to withstand the attacks of zombies who will come to you from different directions, you have to defend while help arrives, it is your mission and goal of the game. Shoot the zombies, make sure you have the ammunition, collect ammo and energy that you find on your way. Show us how much you are good at saving the world from hordes of zombies and enjoy this exciting game!
Use mouse to fire and Cycle Weapons.
2,3-Cycle Weapons
T-Deploy Turrets
F-Frag Grenade
C-Cryo Grenade

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games