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Shooter Airport Ops

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How To Play: Shooter Airport Ops

Shooter Airport Ops

Your city is attacked by well-trained special units who wear body armor and used a very powerful weapon, your task is to stop them!This is one of the most played and most challenging unblocked shooting games.You have three types of weapon, a gun and two types of guns that you can use to kill enemies, enemies will appear on all sides and they come to you constantly, you have to react fast, you need to have fast reflexes and you have to be precise in order to kill them before they kill you, make sure you avoid enemy bullets, because if you get hit too many times, it’s game over for you.Every next level will be more difficult and demanding than the previous one because of that be well prepared, after each mission you get a certain number of money with which you can buy much better and stronger weapons.Make the best score and enjoy this challenging game!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.
1,2,3-Select Weapons.
Space bar-Reload.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games