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Spongebob No Shoot Zombie

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How To Play: Spongebob No Shoot Zombie

Spongebob No Shoot Zombie

Help SpongeBob to hit the apple!Your weapons are bow and arrow and your task is to hit the apple but be careful, if you hit the knight that will be the end of the
game for you and you start all over again.Every time you hit your target, apple will move away from you for a couple of miles, which means that every time you have to judge
where your arrows will go, play carefully and be sure in your hand because if you miss the apple and hit the knight you start all over again.This game is a great choice for you if you come from school tired and want to play a unblocked shooting game that will cheer you up.
Good luck!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games