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Storm Ops

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How To Play: Storm Ops

Storm Ops

Your task in this unblocked shooting game is to stop the enemies who set out to conquer your military base!You are from a special unit and your task is to observe from the dark and when you see the enemies you need to open fire.After each mission you will receive a certain number of money with which you can upgrade your old or you can buy new, much better and stronger weapons to help you faster and better shoot down your enemy.Make sure you hit enemies,save ammo, reloading your weapon from time to time and keep firing.
We wish you lots of fun in this exciting and challenging unblocked shooting game!

Mouse – Aim / Shoot.
R – Reload.
F – Change firing mode.
V – Peek over the sight
1-3 – Change weapons.
Q – Last used weapon.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games