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Toxie Radd 3D

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How To Play: Toxie Radd 3D

Toxie Radd 3D

Have you ever played a game in 3D effects?If not then this is your opportunity to play it!
Your task in this unblocked shooting game is to kill zombies that will go out from all sides and tried to eat you, you have to defend yourself.The first mission will be training, which means that you will kill the rats and then move on to the real thing.To be most effective and quickest way to kill zombies you need to shoot them in the head.On your way you will find a variety of boosters, first aid, ammunition and coins, try to collect them all because you will need it.
Clean all the rooms of these disgusting creatures and do not allow them to approach you, using various types of weapons that you have at your disposal to stop the zombies.
We wish you lots of fun in this challenging 3D shooting game!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.
Space bar – Brawl.
Use arrow keys to Dodge.

Game Category: Unblocked Shooting Games